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An authentic piece of Tuscany, surrounded by mountain landscapes and forests full of wild chestnut trees. If you are looking for beautiful nature and want to taste the atmosphere of historic mountain villages, you definitely want to discover the Garfagnana region. Located just north of the city of Lucca, Garfagnana is often considered one of Italy's best-kept secrets. Surrounded by the mighty Apuan Alps and the Appenines, the green valley of Garfagnana is a great area for cyclists and lovers of (mountain) hiking and multi-day hikes. In addition, the region is known for its many enchanting medieval villages and castles scattered throughout the area. If you then add the delicious regional cuisine of Garfagnana to all that, you know that this Tuscan region has something to offer for everyone.

LUCCA (45km)

With squares from the Roman Empire, completely surrounded by thick city walls and brimming with imposing churches and cathedrals, Lucca is the place to travel back in time in one of Italy's most beautiful regions. Not for nothing is it also called "the city of a hundred churches. In between the churches you will find relaxed piazzas that invite you to enjoy a glass of Tuscan wine while overlooking the bustling historic city center. Walking through narrow alleys, on your way from one tower to another, you will discover more and more about this fascinating town. Lucca is a small town where you can have fun for at least two days.

PISA (65km)

Pisa is very well known for its "leaning tower," but there are other beautiful buildings in the city. In the street Campo dei Miracoli, all the buildings are a little crooked, which is due to poor foundations and swampy ground. Straight through Pisa flows the wide river Arno. The most famous man from Pisa is Galileo Galilei, among others, the airport is named after him.

ABETONE (51km)

Tuscany's landscape varies widely as it runs from the coast to the center of Italy, and it includes some mountainous areas in the Apennines - where the small town of Abetone is located, at an altitude of 1388 meters. Abetone is about 80 km northwest of Florence and 67.5 km inland (as the crow flies) from La Spezia on the Ligurian coast. It has been a popular ski resort since the early 20th century, and today there are 22 ski elevators serving 50 km of slopes suitable for all levels of skiing expertise. There is a ski school for beginners in Abetone, as well as opportunities for snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing. The natural beauty of the area is also a great escape in the summer months, when hiking and mountain biking take over the hills. There are also things like a bowling alley, tennis courts, a soccer field and an indoor pool among the Abetone facilities, so there is something for everyone.


Within the Riviera della Versilia area, Forte dei Marmi is one of the most popular seaside resorts. The name of this place literally means fortress of the marble. Forte dei Marmi therefore has and magnificent fortress built around the year 1700. Of course, the place also has a strong link with the marble that is included in the place name. Indeed, from the 16th there was in this place an important port for the transport of marble. This marble came from mines near Massa and Carrara and was shipped from Forte dei Marmi to other places. Although the fortress was initially built to defend the coast, fairly soon it was used primarily as storage for the many marble. At this time, Forte dei Marmi was little more than the fortress and port but today there is much to do in this beautiful seaside resort. A day out in Forte dei Marmi is therefore a must for any tourist staying in the area of this place.


Viareggio a young seaside resort. The place originated from a castle built in 1172 by the cities of Lucca and Genoa as a defense against Pisa. Viareggio is located on the Ligurian Sea in Italy. It is mainly known for the famous "Burlamacco" (the Carnival) in February and the "Puccini Festival" in July. But it is also known for its beautiful promenade and, of course, the beach. You come here mainly for the sun, the sea and the beach. On the boulevard you will find beautiful stores selling brands such as Isabel Marant, Guess and Gucci. But also Golden Point, Tezenis and Havaianas have established branches on the boulevard. There are palm trees and benches everywhere where you can sit and enjoy the view.

PISTOIA (85km)

Pistoia may not immediately ring a bell. But it is one of the nicest and most beautiful cities in Tuscany. Pistoia is also called "little Florence. And I can understand that too. Because Pistoia has everything that Florence also has, but on a (much) smaller scale and without crowds. Are you in the area on vacation? Then it's definitely fun to visit this Tuscan town. You will find a lively piazza with fine addresses for aperitivo and dinner, a colorful market, the beautiful dome of the Madonna dell'Umiltà (which resembles the dome of the Duomo in Florence) AND a campanile that offers a unique view over the city.

FIRENZE (119km)

Florence, or Firenze, is the capital of the famous Italian region of Tuscany. Along with Rome, Venice, Milan and Naples, it is one of Italy's most visited cities, attracting about 10 million tourists annually. Florence was created in the year 59 BC by Emperor Julius Caesar. He named the Roman settlement Florentia and used the area as a large Roman army camp. Something you can see even today in the street plan of Florence. Florentia was especially important because it was located on the Arno River and consequently provided a fertile valley for the Roman troops.

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